5 books with an interesting topic

These works are distinguished not only unique narrative, but the authors have invested in them a philosophical meaning, encouraging readers to reflect on critical issues and challenges facing each of us.

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Kobo Abe “The Woman in Sands”

Kobo Abe is one of the leading Japanese writers of the avant-garde. His work is distinguished by the unusual story and the deeper meaning of the events. So, in the book “the Woman in the sand,” he reproduced a completely unique situation. Entomologist-Amateur Nicky Jumpa gathered a collection of insects in the desert and missed the last bus.

He had to scrounge a bed in the house of local residents. Nicky sheltered young widow. Her house was in the sand pit and go down the ladder. The next morning Jumpei was horrified to find that the staircase is gone and the only chance to stay alive is to choose, together with the lady of the house sympathize on top of the sand.

Throughout the narrative, the hero is a surge of emotions — from wanting to run away from a crazy situation to rethink life and the approval of the current existence. There is no doubt that the book gives food for thought. Will appeal to those who like to philosophize.

Irvin Yalom “the Schopenhauer as medicine”

Irvin Yalom is an American professional therapist. His works aimed at the deep study of the hidden depths of the human soul and the balance of priorities in life. The book will talk about the therapist, Julius, who recently learned that he was terminally ill and wants to cure the patient of Philip, who twenty years ago was not able to help.

Philip also believes that Schopenhauer’s philosophy can cure any and came at the request of Julius in the group is promoting their theories. Readers will be interested in observing the rebirth of the psychologically sick people and wondering: philosophy treats or cripples?

Dina Rubina “Syndrome Parsley”

We must pay tribute to the writer, who managed in the book to create such passions, which would be enough for several works. The book tells of a married couple Peter and Lisa, whose child was born with a rare genetic disease called popularly as “the Parsley syndrome”

The book is full of symbols and allegories because of the profession Petit — nothing like a puppeteer. Due to the death of a child break a tour, and the wife is being treated for psychological trauma. And Peter finds a way out by creating a doll is an exact copy of the red-haired wife. Dancing with the lovely doll passionate dance, he calls the new rage at Lisa’s. The plot is very exciting. Will not get bored anyone.

Jonathan Coe’s “House of sleep”

What can bind narcoleptic Sarah, the film fan Terry, manic-depressive, Gregory and Robert romance? They all lived in the mansion of the Ashdown and every serious problem with sleep. Some can’t sleep at all, while others sleep constantly.

Soon their life is scattered, but after a series of amazing events, they are together again. The Ashdown is now the clinic for the treatment of sleep disorders. Unexpected events, from which the “skin crawls” is not the most important thing in this book, but the author left room for imagination of the readers. To read the most interesting books of Jonathan Coe.

Margaret Atwood “The Blind assassin”

Finally completing a number of unusual works, the book “the Blind assassin”, which tells about life the family history chase. The author thoroughly mixed puzzles and gradually laid out before us a picture of almost a detective the lives of the characters, creating intrigue with the missing pieces of the puzzle.

In the end certainly, will want to verify the correctness of the concept of the full picture and re-read again assembling an intricate puzzle.

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