5 books-antidepressants

Lonely autumn evening outside the window the rain and the cold. What else to do, how not to read a book with a hot Cup of tea. After a rich and lively on warm summer days, it can be difficult to get back into the routine. Sometimes you start to push the melancholy thoughts to get rid of these thoughts once and for all our editors have prepared for you an unusual list of references online.

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Gerald Durrell “My family and other animals”

“My family and other animals” is the first part of the trilogy, the famous English writer, and naturalist. It’s Sunny and sparkling story Durrell tells about the childhood years he spent on the island of Corfu in Greece. With a playfulness and sincerity, he describes unusual animals and shares his observations on their habits. If you want to make sure that the world is beautiful, then immediately start reading the book “My family and other animals”.

Eleanor Porter’s “Pollyanna”

Is it easy to see in life only good? Perhaps it is not so simple, adults are always many problems which they are burdened. All known one truth: the white stripe replaced by black. However, if you look at life from the other side, add bright colors, make the joy of the game, and after the main rule for every day, everything will change. You don’t need more antidepressants, just read the book “Pollyanna” online for free.

Ken Kesey’s “Sailor Song”

It’s a song about the sea, Alaska, ordinary people and a harsh land where there is no place for pity. Kesey wrote a piece with a fierce sarcasm and caustic humor that hurts the most is alive and brings the reader to the bottom of his doubts. In order to then go up to the light and recharge not kill, and a sincere desire to live. Read the book “Song of a sailor” online right now.

Narine Abgaryan “Tiny”

It’s warm, soaked with sunlight and scents of the middle market funny story about two little girls Child, kind and strict grandmother, about the huge amount of relatives who always want to get in trouble. This is a bright, mischievous, warm and full of childhood memories adventure in the past, is able to bring happiness to even the saddest person. The book “Manyunya” is available online directly at the link.

Ray Bradbury “Fire and Ice”

As a result of extreme climate changes people’s lives was to last just eight days. This week they need to have time to get an education, fall in love, get married and have children. Despite the lack of time, they have time to fight, to envy, to be jealous. Acting like they have for hundreds of years. This is a small story that will teach that time is only a framework. One who does not try, in any case, can’t do anything. Read the book “fire and Ice” online for free without registration.

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