5 best classic novels about love that everyone must read

Classic novels are still valued by readers for the depth of emotions and passions. Here is a selection of books whose authors act as a subtle psychologist of the human soul, revealing human vices pen like a scalpel.

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Frederick Stendhal “Red and black”

The situation described in the novel is typical for the time. Wealthy official Mr. de renal of the city of Verrières hired a tutor Julien Sorel who was confronted in the house with bigotry, arrogance, contempt for people of lower rank.

Extraordinary intelligence and physical attractiveness Julien soon led to the fact that he and Madam de renal became lovers. Interesting to see how throughout the novel the author reveals the character of the protagonist. First imbued his sympathy, but after there is a misunderstanding and hostility because love has two sides — red and black.

Nikolai Leskov “Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk”

Leskov himself called his work an essay in which he described the serious love story that happened not in some distant England, and in the provincial town of Kursk province of Mtsensk.

A young merchant’s wife Katerina Lvovna Izmailova from boredom and idleness have entered into a loving relationship with a simple Yes remove the employee. For the sake of illusory happiness to be together with his beloved Katerina killed not one innocent soul. Legendary product made Leskov famous throughout the world.

Gustave Flaubert “Madame Bovary”

In the center of the story Emma Bovary. She was educated at the monastery and added to the knowledge base, reading women’s novels. Married, she soon became disenchanted with everyday life, devoid of passion, vividly described in the books, and plunged into a secret love affair, which led to tragic consequences.

The work of Flaubert gives food for thought: who is really Madame Bovary is a victim of the false values imposed by society or a silly woman who indulged in naive fantasies?

Somerset Maugham “Patterned cover”

In one small Chinese city gripped by a cholera epidemic, came a married couple, kitty and Walter FEIN. Husband, a bacteriologist, he is trying to resist the dangerous disease, the wife helps the nuns care for children.

It seems that the couple came from the heart, sacrificing a quiet life and risking their health for the sake of others, but not so easy in the FEIN family in this godforsaken place they threw a family secret. Interesting love story read online.

Guy de Maupassant “Dear friend”

Georges Duroy, a retired Sergeant, serving in the African colonies. After retirement, he went to Paris, where he met with a former colleague, who worked in a famous French magazine. A friend suggested writing an article about soldiers ‘ everyday life. George gladly accepted the offer, because he has no penny to his name.

In addition, he is ambitious and plans to make a career. Only he plans to use not the mind, and the beauty and charm. A dear friend like many wealthy women!

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