5 best books in the genre of science fiction

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Dan Simmons “Hyperion”

Intergalactically state, home to a race of artificial intelligence. They have their own policies and ideology. Clones of all known and ever lived figures of science and art — a new race, which itself has changed itself at the genetic level.

Readers are transported to dozens of planets, each of which has their individual culture and history, originating in our time. There is a certain mysticism that gently fits into the framework of the sci-Fi genre. Not without an interplanetary travel through portals.

Clifford D. Simak “City”

A collection of science fiction stories. The story begins in the near future and ends in a thousand years. In this time, there are many incredible things. In one of the stories of people leaving to explore Jupiter and moved his brain into the bodies of creatures similar to the animals living on the planet. It turned out that their life is better than human.

In another story, the race of animals, able to speak and think, lives on a par with the human race. Finally, the last generation of people tired of living and put himself in suspended animation. The book is written with humor and faith that humanity will finally cease to struggle with itself and will find its way.

Piers Anthony “Hilton”

The novel is diverse. The first describes the world of the distant future. At that time already forgotten about life on Earth. Alien flowers — the best Pets, and genetically created the perfect wife is a curse. In parallel, describes Stone — planet-prison in deep space, whose whereabouts are classified.

There, sentenced to penal servitude for life prisoners, extracted a rare variety of garnet. Planet permeated the length and breadth tunnels. They are forced to live in intolerable conditions, with almost no light, in the terrible heat of the convicts.

Besides, the neighborhood inhabited by bloodthirsty monsters, described by Pierce is very realistic. Mignonette. Convicted of it, the main character. The reader learns what it is at the end of the first part of the novels. The continuation in the second part, entitled “Fluorine”.

Neal Stephenson “The Diamond age, or ABC for noble maidens”

The future world created by Stevenson, not divided into nation-States, and the phylum, groups of people United by ethnic, religious, cultural grounds. There also live people who do not belong to any fillet.

Nanotechnology provides the necessary things the population, but social stratification of the society is strongly stratified. The main character, a girl from a dysfunctional family, accidentally fell into the hands of “ABC for noble maidens”, destined to the daughter of a Lord. “Primer” is an interactive book, about the features which you will learn by reading this fascinating work.

Strugatsky brothers “Predatory things century”

The story is a dystopia, similar in some way with the novel “brave new world” by Aldous Huxley. The society of the future in which all of the material problems are solved, for a more exciting life, invents different kinds of drugs. What are the aims of humanity?

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