Five best books in the fantasy genre

Read books about the future is always interesting because it offers a unique opportunity to travel through time and space. For you, we find the most exciting works of famous writers.

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Robert A. Heinlein “The Puppet Masters”

The book “the puppet masters” is one of the most memorable creations of science fiction writer. Heinlein wrote it at the height of his literary creativity. Innovation in the work became the theme of the “silent invasion” of aliens on Earth. If earlier “aliens” openly attacked the Terrans, this time they came with Titanium unnoticed. They crept and then sat on the humans as on animals.

Aliens parasitized, enslaved and subjugated to the will of the people because of what they almost became “vegetables”. The plan is ingenious! Without bombing and threats under the rule of aliens was supposed to get the whole planet. All would have happened if their plans are not foiled bold and decisive agents.

Neal Stephenson “Snow Crash”

Along with the characters, we get in a future world where the state itself does not exist. Instead, the world is ruled by corporations, the mafia, clans, connected information network. There is an external world and computer three-dimensional Metaverse, where people are increasingly immersed, looking calm.

Snow Crash” is a new virus which affects not only computers but also, closely associated with the human brain. Hiro Protagonist is the best hacker he intends to reinvent the antivirus, because failing to do so may perish all mankind. Reading a book fiction for free on the website.

William Gibson “Neuromantic”

At the end of the XXI century, the city began to resemble giant beehives, and all information is stored in the global information network. Hacker Case has led to the destruction of the nervous system as punishment for its activities and now can not do what you love. He is looking for money to heal, but the amount is too large.

One day someone, who wished to remain anonymous, the case promises a large fee for providing certain information and that there is nothing left to do but to agree to risky. Gibson in the book vividly describes the new technology of the future, which gradually takes possession of artificial intelligence.

“Labyrinth of reflections”

After reading this novel you will never be the same, because what is described Lukyanenko in his book too realistic. In the future, the world is fully immersed in a virtual world. In order to get there and enjoy the requires special diving equipment that depreciates from year to year.

Out of virtual space are much heavier, and if you get stuck a little longer, then you can die. The main character specialist to drive into a computer game were offered a better deal. He should pull the man from Tipton, got there without equipment.

Robert Sheckley “Corporation “Immortality”

The average American 1960s, Thomas Blaine was in a car accident and died, but woke up in the house in the year 2110. It turns out that his consciousness, without asking the owner, moved into the body of another man from the future. Now he on the agenda are many questions about who he is, and how to survive in the world, which has evolved dramatically forward in terms of scientific progress?

The presented books are interesting in their own ways.

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