Five best books about the family life problems

These books are about what we need to appreciate someone close to you. The UPS and downs, challenges and failures, love and hate amount to a long way to happiness in family life. There is something to learn and something to argue.

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Cecelia Ahern “PS I love you”

Family problems are not only treason, conflicts, quarrels, misunderstanding. The death of a loved one is something that destroys life, causes a lot of negative emotions. Holly Kennedy lost her beloved husband of 30 years, which sink into despair, did not want to communicate with people and to go out.

One day in the mail she received a package of letters. They were from her husband. Shortly before his death, he decided to help her cope with the problems and move on. On the strict instruction, letters can be opened only one at a time on the first of each month. Holly eagerly wants to know what’s inside.

Frederic Beigbeder “Love lives three years”

The book, which causes a lot of controversies. Beliefs of the protagonist of Mark love may last only three years, after which die or become a burden.

He met and fell in love with a woman, and then divorced his wife. However, in his subconscious is the countdown. Mark dread the approach of the fateful date when his love disappears like smoke. The theory of “three years” firmly stuck in his head. The reader will have to understand how much love lives?

Gillian Flynn “Gone Girl”

Happy the couple are preparing to celebrate the five year anniversary of living together.

The main character, a mark was horrified to learn about the disappearance of the hero of the occasion — wife. The house signs of a struggle and blood, which he wanted to erase. Disappeared wife every year arranged for her husband a kind of game, tossing hints for “game treasure hunt”.

This time these tips have acquired a different meaning and necessary as ever. Maybe they will shed light on the events and tell you what happened to the disappeared?

Paul Hawkins “The Girl on the train”

The incredibly popular book! The main character Rachel every day goes to the train from the suburbs to London. In the car, she is watching with interest a couple, which he considers perfect. Mentally she calls them Jess and Jesson.

One day, passing by their yard, Rachel saw something odd that she couldn’t see, because the train started. Jess, she no longer meets. The ideal image of the family idyll disintegrated. Rachel realizes that only she can unravel the disappearance of Jess.

Kate Morton “The Keeper of secrets”

Reviews about this book are the best. Many who read it wrote that the novel was captivating from the first page and not let go until the last. The plot is extraordinary.

Young Laurel witnessed her kind, cheerful, a loving mother of a man stabbed with a knife for cake cutting. Many years later, famous actress Laurel gets the chance to learn the truth about the act of the mother. The thread leads to the events of the Second world war.

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