Four best detective books

Detective stories attract people of all ages. What? The tension and suspense. The reader sitting on the sofa goes on the trail of a criminal and will not rest until he is punished. Today we picked up worthy of your attention detective books by foreign authors.

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“Goodbye, baby, goodbye” Dennis Lehan

What? Detectives Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro asked a couple with a request to find a missing four-year-old niece. They argue that the mother only pretends beside himself, in fact, she doesn’t care, and she leads a disorderly life. My aunt and uncle are very worried that the girl fell into the hands of a pedophile or serial killer.

In the case of abduction found in the first three days after the disappearance is very important because after the chance is less. The detectives start to investigate this important task without knowing what a nightmare the company involved. Yet, despite the tragedy of the situation, a silver lining to save the baby.

“Lay her among the lilies” James Hadley

Private detective Vic Malloy who keeps his detective Agency “Universal service” wrote a letter to a millionaire’s daughter, Janet Crosby. She asks to protect his sister from blackmail. Only a letter caught the eye of a detective with a delay of a year. He learns that Janet passed away.

Vic Malloy to investigate the case not held on the client. It’s very interesting, why lost an older well-bred daughter? Younger, the heroine of scandalous Chronicles suddenly became fabulously wealthy after the death of her sister. Readers will encounter a string of killings, kidnappings, blackmail.

“Harvest” By Tess Gerritsen

Theme (goose bumps!) illegal transplantation of human organs. Author Tess Gerritsen by profession a physician and having heard about negligent doctors who are in it for the money to go on offense. The book became a bestseller and won the acclaim of readers.

The story centers on Dr. Abby, MATEO, engaged in transfers of the heart. One day, she had to transplant the heart of a woman killed in a car accident by a teenager, first standing in the queue.

The problem is that the organ needed to be transplanted to a rich client, and he got on dubious sources. To bypass the interpretation rule “not to meddle in their business”, Abby begins to unravel the tangle of a criminal gang.

“The secret of father brown” by Gilbert Chesterton

Classic English detective. Quiet, shy priest brown unravels with ease the number of crimes. In the book a collection of short stories on various topics. Each story is appealing and unique. In this book, attracted to the irony, the lightness of the narrative, intricate plots. Read and enjoy!

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