4 novels about women

Women can be valiant mothers, faithful wives and passionate lovers, brave scheming. The female characters are major in world literature. Edition the online library has prepared a list of the best books with main characters whose stories changed the lives of many generations.

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Margaret Mitchell “Gone with the wind”

The work of Margaret Mitchell “gone with the wind” ― a novel era, the most popular book of the twentieth century. It began with her modern American literature.

The plot was taken from the Civil war in 1861-1865. The characters of the drama were at the center of hostilities between the Northern industrial and southern agricultural States of America.

This is a book about a strong woman who will do anything to achieve his goal. Scarlett always gets what he wants. Bold, bossy, born leader, she is willing to risk his own life. For the sake of money and wealth, Scarlett has married by calculation and not afraid to work on the plantation. Read gone with the wind online for free now.

Elizabeth Gilbert “Eat, pray, love”

“Eat, pray, love” or “One year in the life of women in the journey through Italy, India, and Indonesia in search of everything” is a memoir by American writer Elizabeth Gilbert, which was published in 2006. The book tells about the journey of the writer after a difficult divorce with her husband and finding yourself during a long trip.

It is a novel about how to find happiness where it does not expect, and how not to look for joy where it is not. It is a contemporary work about modern women, for which the words “eat, pray, love” is identical with the enjoyment of life. Find your happiness, because to read the book “Eat, pray, love” online for free in our library.

Colleen McCullough “The thorn birds”

“The thorn birds” is a family Saga published in 1977. Novel by Australian writer Colleen McCullough instantly became a bestseller and won the reader’s attention. According to studies, every minute in the world bought two copies of this work.

This is a touching love story of a lifetime. In the book, you can find everything ― from unexpected plot twists to convincing and subtle psychological portraits. But first and foremost it is a hymn of eternal love in all its manifestations. To read the novel “the thorn birds” online right now.

Arthur Golden “Memoirs of a geisha”

A novel by American author Arthur Golden “memoirs of a geisha” was published in 1997. The narrative in the book is the first person. The main character tells the fictional story of a geisha who worked in Kyoto before and after the war.

The work of a writer lets you get close to the mysterious and exotic world of the geisha in pre-war Japan, to learn about the worldviews of high manners and exquisite beauty, where the innocence is put on sale, and love is equivalent to an illusion.

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