Four books by Dan Brown

Dan brown is a famous contemporary American writer, musician, and journalist. He managed to create a new genre called the novel androgen. This is not a commercial product to meet the needs of the readership, and the element of innovation, which wins by its simplicity, uniqueness, interactivity and versatility.

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Books by Dan Brown:

  • “Angels and demons”;
  • “The da Vinci code”;
  • “The lost symbol”;
  • “Inferno.”

“Angels and demons”

The book of American writer was published in 2000. “Angels and demons” is an adventure novel with elements of mystery and Thriller. The events unfolding in the Italian capital for one day. In 2009 based on the book was filmed.

According to the story of the mysterious and ancient order of the Illuminati, known in the middle Ages for its struggle against the official Church again is intriguing. Or maybe it’s just an old legend? If Yes, from where on the chest killed the symbol of the order? Find the answers to all the questions ready a symbologist from Harvard and daughter of the deceased. Read the book “Angels and demons” at.

“The da Vinci code”

“The da Vinci code” sequel “Angels and demons”. The book instantly became a bestseller and won the love of readers. A novel in the genre of a detective Thriller has awakened public interest in the legend of the Holy Grail and the meaning of Mary Magdalene in Christianity.

Harvard Professor investigates the murder again. This time the body was found unusual characters. During the investigation found out that the cipher is associated with the name Leonardo da Vinci. What secrets have yet to reveal to the Professor, you will learn if you read “the da Vinci Code” online.

“The lost symbol”

This is the third novel by Dan brown Professor Robert Langdon as the main character. This time the scene moved to Washington. Director and mentor of the Smithsonian institution, Peter Solomon invited the Professor to lecture. Upon arrival, Langdon finds the severed right hand, which someone has set on a wooden pedestal in the center of the room.

Soon, the Professor receives a message, where the kidnapper demands to find artifacts of American masons. Looks like Robert has a new case…


In the fourth book of the series the Professor of symbols, Robert Langdon investigates one of a unique masterpieces of literature ― “the divine Comedy” by Dante. On your way, Robert will come face to face with the enemy, and to unravel the mystery, which plunges him into the world of art, secret passages and science of the future. Based on the poems of Dante, the Professor must decide who to trust and who not, before it is too late.

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