3 books that will break your brain

After reading such books with an interesting plot a long time coming and wonder: “How could it occur to the writer?”.

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Mariam Petrosyan “The House in which”

The book immediately opens all its secrets, but gradually introduces into his parallel world. It is a place with rich centuries-long history full of mystery, magic, alternate reality. The House is home to children with disabilities. The world for them focused on school. This reality they call the wrong side.

There is another world beyond the walls of the House and called Appearance, but it is not even a fleeting mention in thei

r conversations. Day after day the guys in the walls of this institution have built their own house rules, everything is allowed, the world is closed to you. Smoking, drugs, and the use of cutting — stabbing are common for Home.

Next year will be graduation. The fear of Appearances is very strong. After some prom House is drowning in blood. Soon the Inside will be demolished and in front of the children is a life choice to remain permanently in the House, sharing his fate, or leave in a frightening Appearance. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the House, by reading all the book of Mariam Petrosyan “the House in which”.

Umberto Eco “Foucault’s Pendulum”

Three friends, Belbo, and Diotallevi Cazaubon work together in publishing. Through their hands passes much of the manuscripts among which come across texts on the occult and conspiracy theories. Friends jokingly developed his theory, and an intellectual fad called “Plan”.

Like the Foucault pendulum, the plot revolves around the Plan. Passion Casabona history of the knights Templar and their alleged hidden treasures brings the Plan to a new level. He ceases to be a game. A fantasy played out in earnest, the Plan has acquired details.

Proponents of other theories did not surprised, but seriously to their reasoning. Moreover, the boys become the target of a real secret society that has decided that they have found clues about hidden treasures. What is it? Hoax or reality? Readers will have to know the whole truth about conspiracy theories from the book.

Bernard Werber “Thanatonautes”

“Never come back”. The mystery of what really happens to a person after death does not give rest to scientists and they decided to explore this question. Their experiments led to the fact that there is a whole science thanatonautes, allowing you to travel through the afterlife.

Cantoni — travelers-researchers, who each time put themselves at risk going to a lesser known world. What awaits them there? What obstacles to face? Read about it in the book.

Undoubtedly, the presented works have a unusual plot, attracted by the novelty of the narrative.

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