2 stories about the pure love

These books revive the faith in true love and made you appreciate the real strong relationship. Read romance novels and enjoy the warmth of feeling!


Jojo Moyes “Before I met you”

The book will make you wonder why it happened so and not otherwise? Yes, life is cruel, dreams remain unfulfilled, but there is a place to meet interesting people and pure love relationships. I want to believe that time is not lost and can still be changed.

The plot

Lou Clark attractive eccentric girl. She lives with her parents and meets a guy named Patrick. Lou last six years worked in a cafe, but the owner had to shut it down and the girl was left without a job. Find a new was not so easy.

None offered a job she didn’t like while on the exchange advised well paid “cushy” job. From Lu was required to look after a paralyzed man: to feed, give medication and to distract from bitter thoughts.

Her name is will ward. He’s 31 and he’s confined to a wheelchair for two years. Will was hit by a motorcyclist. Before the accident, the man led an active life: surfing, skiing, traveling. In General, living life to the fullest. The present helpless condition of the will is very depressed.

It hurt him to know that my girlfriend’s going to marry my best friend. Parish nurses he perceived as not very friendly, perhaps even with hostility, but to do both was impossible. However, over time they became friends.

Will was amused by her manner of dressing and talking. For Lou meeting with an intelligent, educated person is also benefited. She became more refined taste, have changed their manner of dress. Increasingly, the girl began to notice that the feelings will come out of the number of friends.

Suddenly she learns that will has signed a contract with a Swiss euthanasia clinic and the time of its fulfillment is approaching. She can’t accept this truth. Why their fate is linked together? Will decide to leave life voluntarily? Read the book “Before you,” Jojo Moyes full.

Nicholas sparks “The notebook”

They loved each other. Lived happily and died in one day. It true there is a love to death or that only happens in fairy tales? The biographical novel “the notebook” proves the existence of the strong sincere love.

The plot

In the home, the old man every day to the elderly woman reads the love story of young people from different social strata. She was the great lady, he is from a poor family, they often spend time together and understand that were made for each other.

Allie and Noah want to get married, but the girl’s parents are against their relationship. Noah realizes that insisting on one’s own, it creates family problems and decides not to complicate the life of a loved one. He deliberately starts a fight and the couple breaks up.

Ellie’s family moves to another place and Noah began to regret the decision. It every day for a year writes a letter in which asks forgiveness. Girl none of them received, as the mother hid the message. Sending the last, Noah was desperate and stopped writing.

The Second world war. Ellie working as a nurse in the hospital met with a wounded pilot. He loves her and also very rich. Soon will be a wedding and Ellie’s parents are happy for young. But, on the eve of the wedding of Noah and Allie meet again. All these years they loved each other.

Passion erupts with renewed vigor. Allie and Noah decide to never leave. Then it becomes clear that the old man is Noah, and an elderly woman for which he reads a love story is Ellie. She has Alzheimer’s.

She knew about the disease and throughout life kept a diary that beloved was reminded of their meeting and family joys. The disease progresses and Ellie is increasingly moving away from Noah. Through both failed. In the morning the orderlies saw lying in the arms of an old couple that never wakes up. Read the book “the notebook” Nicholas sparks completely.

People say that the stronger the love, the more unhappy love. True or not you decide.

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