15 books to dive into the melancholy of autumn

In the midst of autumn, a warm blanket, a hot Cup of tea and easy chair beckon and entice every evening. No doubt, it is best done in the company of a book. Put off your phones, get away from the computer and dive into the wonderful world of books that will banish the autumn Blues and fill every evening with warmth and comfort.

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Roger Zelazny “A night in the lonesome October”

Cold rainy autumn eve of all saints Day (Halloween) evil and good forces combine their efforts in the Game, which is entirely new world order. In this Game the main participants are:

  • Jack (the Jack with the lantern, Jack the Ripper);
  • Jack and Jill;
  • Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson;
  • Dracula and the wolf Man;
  • Frankenstein.

Ray Bradbury “Endless rain”

The action takes place on the planet where it’s always raining. It never stops. Night sounds of rain interfere with sleep, impossible to hide from the wet air. Over time, people go mad from the eternal rain. The four crew members who survived after a wreck remains the only chance – to get to the Sun dome and see, though artificial, but the rays of the sun.

Françoise Sagan “Vague smile”

A young girl falls in love with a Mature man. He has an affair with her with apparent composure, and she, for the sake of entertainment. Novella impregnated with genuine French melancholy, a small sadness, from which you can enjoy.

Emily Bronte “Wuthering heights”

A bright representative of the classic Gothic novel. Against the background of traditional British rural landscapes and impenetrable swamps and sheer cliffs that surround Wuthering heights, the author explores the essence of humanity. Despite all the fears, vices and experiences people are capable of great love.


A great novel about the Russian intelligentsia, which is forced to adapt to new circumstances in the background of the reform of the Russian language in 1918 and the revolution.

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt “Oscar and the Pink lady”

A touching novel that is able to manipulate the feelings of the reader, but at the same time allows us to look at life from a different angle. The plot revolves around a terminally ill boy. But at the hospital, he found the Pink lady (a nurse), who helps to look death in the face without fearing it, and even just laughing at her. It is more important not how much you spent and how we spent measured time. The characters of the novel:

  • Oscar;
  • Grandma Rose;
  • Peggy Blue;
  • The Parents Of Oscar.

Lyubko Deresh “Cult”

Affordable, simple, beautiful and very explicit language, the author opens the door to the life of today’s youth. He did not embellish and does not hide anything. Thus Deresh not exaggerating. Only life as it is.

Mikhail Bulgakov “Master and Margarita”

About this product, a lot can be said. Opinion about this book is divided into two completely opposite – some consider it a work of genius and reread all his life, others see it as a message to Satan and can’t read even Chapter. But whatever it was, it is a novel about love, a meaning of life, human nature and faith in God.

Robert Louis Stevenson “Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”

The action takes place against the gray, gloomy London, with its crooked streets, shrouded in a veil of fog. It was in this atmosphere there is a struggle between a noble and brave like Dr. Jekyll and Edward Hyde – a monster that only comes out at night in the empty lanes and does terrible things. Mr. Hyde lives in every human being. And let out it much easier than to lead an inner struggle with himself, the inner evil and remain human.

Anna Gavalda “Simply together”

The simple style of narration and the French irony can’t help raise spirits in the coldest and rainy day. A story of friendship, love, ambitions of three friends who live together.

Jack London “The Little lady of the big house”

The story centers on an extraordinary woman – beautiful, elegant, brave and pure soul. She does all she can to save the love of his wife when he realizes that her feelings grow cold. With the appearance of the best friend of her husband, she comes into the fight with a new passion, she is ready to overcome this passion at any cost, even at the cost of his life.

Ivan Turgenev “Asya”

The story “Asya” is a refined and poetic story about the not existing love between two young people. Asya is the kind of very serious and solid, she has a wisdom beyond his years. This prompts the heroine to run away from romantic feelings when she sees the discrepancy between her strong feelings for the weak-willed and the man she loved.

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“The wife of the time traveler”

An extremely beautiful love story and how it is born, it blooms and never dies. The main character in childhood meets her future husband and she later marries him, only he is even younger than in the time of acquaintance. All because of a rare genetic disease that able at any moment to move it in time.

Margaret Mazzantini “Don’t go”

The plot suddenly flashed a crazy passion and love of a successful doctor and an exemplary family man to the lady of the roadside cafes. The work reveals the painful struggle of duty and love.

Anne Bronte “Agnes Grey”

The basis of the novel itself is based on personal experiences and also experiences of the author. In 40-ies of the 19th century, there were very many women romantic. Most of them were given under fictitious names and aliases. The main characters, as a rule, was a governess.

The first novel of a younger sister Bronte “Agnes gray” is an outstanding representative of the phenomenon. The plot of the novel is presented from the first person. It says the main character is a young girl Agnes. She lives in a close family circle. Due to the financial situation, she decides to get a job as a governess.

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