12 most anticipated adaptations of the 2016-2017 year

Fans of film and literature have long been looking forward to appearing on the big screen such films as “the Girl on the train” and “Inferno”. However, these are just a few of the huge number of upcoming adaptations. Our editors, having studied in detail a graph of the release of the films, has prepared for you an interesting list.

Autumn and winter will please moviegoers openly a large number of serious art. Get ready for large portions of historical dramas, detectives, and true-story.

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  1. “Queen Katwa” based on the novel by Tim Crothers. This documentary drama tells the story of a Ugandan girl Fiona, which became the champion of chess in Uganda and has proven itself in international competitions.
  2. “The house of strange children miss peregrine” based on the novel ransom of Riggs “House of strange children” In the work describes the unusual shelter for children.
  3. “Negation.” The book tells of the trial of the writer David Irving and Professor Deborah Lipstadt lawsuit, which was charged with damage to its reputation.
  4. “The girl on the train” based on the novel Flooring Chickens. One of the most anticipated films will tell about the girl Rachel and the mysterious cottage.
  5. “Fantastic beasts and where they live” from J. K. Rowling — the main movie premiere in 2016. The film tells about the events taking place 70 years before the birth of Harry Potter.
  6. “Middle school: the worst years of my life” from writer Chris Tebbets — teen book about the rebellion against the school system.
  7. “Jack Reacher, or Never come back” Lee child — the story of a retired COP. In the new book, Reacher goes back to his unit.
  8. The “voice of monster” Patrick ness is a mixture of magic and horror of the story about the little boy Honore and his dreams.
  9. “American pastoral” — the book of Philip Roth, one of the most beloved works of Vladimir Posner. The story centers on the story of the leaf of American happiness.
  10. “Inferno” by Dan brown — the fourth part of a series of books about the adventures of Professor Robert Langdon. This time he will understand not only complicated case but in himself.
  11. “Arrival” based on the novel “the Story of your life” from the star of contemporary science fiction Ted Chan. To Earth came the aliens and the earthlings have no choice to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence.
  12. “Under cover of night” — the film adaptation of the book of Austin Wright’s “Tony and Susan”. It’s a psychological Thriller. The main character receives an unusual package that takes it in a long-forgotten past.

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