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Here we publish different advice lists for reading according to your mood and preferences

Top five books that are worth reading on winter evenings

Recommended books about the winter create a cozy warm atmosphere, favorable for a winter mood. Bright and sparkling they will warm the soul, will long be remembered an entertaining story. We have collected a list of the most entertaining books. “Simply together” The book captivates the heart with a simplicity of style of the complex […]

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5 greatest books about love

I want to turn away and dream? So for this and there are women’s romance novels! Relax and enjoy in the dreams of the perfect relationship between a man and a Woman will help you to a collection of our books. Johanna Lindsay “Hatred and love” Ireland is famous for the enmity between those who […]

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5 great post-apocalyptic books

The imagination of the authors draws the catastrophe which, in their opinion, will inevitably come upon the Earth. A flood, nuclear explosion, the fight with the carnivorous plants in these works go by the wayside. In the center of the stories — people struggling not only with that horror but also with our peers and […]

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3 books that will break your brain

After reading such books with an interesting plot a long time coming and wonder: “How could it occur to the writer?”. Mariam Petrosyan “The House in which” The book immediately opens all its secrets, but gradually introduces into his parallel world. It is a place with rich centuries-long history full of mystery, magic, alternate reality. […]

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5 interesting books about other planets

What you need to know and be able to, if you get on another planet or in a parallel reality? These complex questions can be answered by reading these works. Stephen King’s “11/22/63” This book is considered the best in the work of the king on the right. It is not a horror, rather it […]

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5 books about time travel

Jump in time and even the thought of their ability unprecedentedly expand the horizons of perception of the world, forced to look at our time from a different angle. Our readers should not wait for the invention of a time machine. Read are books and travel to the future or the past without any problems. […]

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Five “one breath” books

Almost everyone came across books that have riveted the attention, and forget about everything. It is impossible to calm down until you finish reading the piece to the end. In our review of an interesting collection of books that you will like. “35 kilos of hope” The book tells about a teenager whose parents are […]

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