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Portrait Of Oscar Wilde

He is most famous and highly paid writer, aesthete, aristocrat, man. He’s sentenced to hard labor and ended his life in poverty, forgotten and despised, in a foreign country under an assumed name. About the star and death of Oscar Wilde. The enchanting story of success Born 16 October 1854 in Dublin in a family […]

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A book that never gets old

Many of us have read this book in childhood but over time the events and actions of people perceived differently. The novel “Hero of our time” by M. Yu Lermontov — a timeless classic that you need to reread several times to understand the true message of the author to the readers. Brief biography of […]

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One shocking story about the one perfumer

This story became a bestseller immediately as a novel by Patrick Suskind “Perfume. The story of a murderer”. It happened in 1985. Brief contents of the book “Perfume” The writer deftly laid the intrigue in the early narrative. He said that talk about a brilliant but monstrous killer who left no traces. The story about […]

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Why the novel “The curious incident” is worth reading?

The book “The curious incident” was written by British writer mark Haddon. The novel won the prestigious Witbreuk prize, which is awarded for the promotion of works that brings the pleasure of reading. The work tells the story of a teenager suffering from autism. First published in 2003. A short story Fifteen-year-old Christopher Boone, an […]

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Five most interesting and exciting books

There are a huge number of works for every taste someone Who likes romance novels, detectives, or adventure. We offer to your attention the shudder and shaking knees. They will help you cheer up and get the thrill. William Faulkner “Noise and fury” From the book, you learn about the terrible secrets of the family […]

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The book of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen”

This work is one of the most famous and popular in his work. First published in the winter of 1844. The book loved by many generations since childhood and is known for its animated films. Reading the tale of Christian Andersen’s “the snow Queen”, notice some differences with what is on the screen, but this […]

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The popular book “Loneliness in the network”

Janusz Leon Wisniewski is a scientist in computer science and chemistry, but widely known it owes a good debut book “loneliness in the network”. The book became a bestseller, reprinted many times. Based on the works produced the film. Dear readers probably have heard different opinions about this novel from enthusiastic to sharply negative and […]

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“Flowers in the attic” by Virginia Andrews

The guide is very well-known, it may frequently be present in the greatest books’ style ratings. Within the USA it’s because of the delicate subject of incest been banned for a while. Nevertheless it turned bestseller. The novel’s plan overview Andrews “Flowers in the attic” The tale is with respect to Dollanganger. She remembered that […]

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