Modern Technology Making Life Simpler

Modern technology has become a critical component of human progress from communication to entertainment and healthcare. Some people argue that modern communication distracts people from their activities and makes them busier, I am of the contrary opinion. Modern technology makes life more convenient and improves the quality of human interactions. The current technology makes work […]

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Security Of US Borders And Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration has been a majorissue in the United States thusthegovernment has beentrying all its best to preventit. An illegalimmigrant isanyindividualswhosettle in a differentcountry without thenecessitatedlegal documentation. Illegal immigration might eventuallylead to the argumentation of crimerates, over populationsandalsounemploymentforthelegallysettledinhabitants. Thegovernment has also enhancedthesecurity along its borderso as to preventthisact. According to LeMays’ book (2007), statistics revealsthatillegalimmigrants […]

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The Most Common Cyber Crimes

Information, Overreliance and tech on machines are a frequent phenomenon from the 21st century. Ideally, internet and computer usage have led to a wave of activities. It is a type of doing activities or activities that are inhumane through its particular system along with a personal computer system. In most countries, authorities have enacted legislation […]

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